Brain Star Awards

Funding Information

Existing since March of 2001, Brain Star is a program of CIHR’s Institute of Neurosciences Mental Health and Addiction (CIHR-INMHA). Brain Star is administered under the Institute Community Support Grants and Awards program and is designed to recognize the excellence of research done in Canada by students and trainees in all fields and disciplines covered by CIHR-INMHA.

The specific objectives of the Brain Star program are to:

  • Promote research careers in neuroscience, mental health and addiction in Canada.
  • Stimulate the involvement of students and trainees in the Institute and increase awareness of INMHA activities among students and trainees.


  • A maximum of fifteen awards of $1,500 each are available each calendar year.
  • Top-ranked winner of the Brain Star award will be named the Marlene Reimer Brain Star of the Year.
  • A profile of award recipient’s research on INMHA’s and CAN’s websites.
  • In the case of equal first co-authors, the prize will be divided equally.
  • Top three ranked award recipients may be invited to present a summary of their research paper at the Canadian neuroscience meeting. In the case of co-authors, the primary principal applicant will be invited to present.