Annual Meeting

First held in 2021, the Canadian Concussion Network/Réseau Canadien des Commotions (CCN-RCC) Annual Meeting aims to bring together researchers, clinicians, and community members to share recent research findings, foster networking and collaboration, explore new avenues in concussion technology and promote concussion best practice and policy.

2025 Annual Meeting

Save the date! The 5th CCN-RCC Annual Meeting will be held June 9-10, 2025 in Victoria, BC.

Missed our previous meetings? Find recorded and published content below.

Past Meetings

View recorded sessions and published abstracts from past Annual Meetings.

2024 Annual Meeting, May 9-10, Ottawa

Recoded content from the 4th Annual Meeting will be shared when available.

2023 Annual Meeting, June 15-16, Calgary

Easy as 1,2,3: Considering primary, secondary, and tertiary concussion prevention strategies

Opening remarks: Miriam Beauchamp

Presenters: Araba Chinto, Ash Kolstad, Haojie Mao, Kathryn Schneider, Lyndia Wu

Moderators: Paul Eliason and Kenzie Friesen

Recorded May 30, 2023
Scientific Abstracts

Abstracts presented at the 3rd Annual Meeting of the Canadian Concussion Network-Réseau Canadien des Commotions (CCN-RCC) in Calgary, Alberta on June 15-16, 2023 were published in the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation.

Living and Learning: Our Concussion Journey

Presenters: Todd Bright and Alana Bright

Moderator: Stephanie Cowle

Recorded June 15, 2023
Keynote: Brain Mechanisms of Concussion: From Bench to Bed

Keynote speaker: Alon Friedman

Moderator: Miriam Beauchamp

Recorded June 15, 2023
Symposium: Are We Paying Enough Attention to Concussions in Older Adults?

Presenters: Judith Gargaro, Teresa Liu-Ambrose, Zahra Goodarzi, Chantel Debert and Trudy Blugerman

Moderator: Pamela Fuselli

Recorded June 15, 2023
Symposium: Sharing is Caring: Putting Open Science into Practice to Enhance the Impact of Concussion Research

Presenters: Michael Robinson, Brendan Behan and Roger Zemek

Moderator: Anne Wheeler

Recorded June 16, 2023
The Canadian Concussion Quilt

Moderator: Pierre Frémont

Updated ACRM definition of Mild TBI
Presenter: Noah Silverberg

Amsterdam International Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport:  Outputs from the 6th International Conference on Concussion in Sport 
Presenter: Kathryn Schneider

Pediatric Clinical Guideline Update
Presenter: Roger Zemek

Adult Clinical Guideline Update
Presenter: Mark Bayley

Recorded June 16, 2023
Symposium: A Vision for the Future – Optometric Evaluations in Concussion Rehabilitation

Presenters: Christina Master and Kathryn Schneider

Moderator: Kristine Dalton

Recorded June 16, 2023

2022 Annual Meeting, June 4-6, Montréal

Scientific Abstracts

Abstracts presented at the 2nd Annual Meeting of the Canadian Concussion Network-Réseau Canadien des Commotions (CCN-RCC) in Montreal, Quebec, on June 4-6, 2022 were published in the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation.

Land Acknowledgement, Welcome & Introduction

The Honorable Isabelle Charest, Carolyn Emery, Pierre Frémont, Rose-Alma McDonald and Keith Yeates

Recorded June 4, 2022
Symposium 1: Concussion prevention is for life, no just for Christmas!

Presenters: Paul Eliason, Teresa Liu-Ambrose, Linda Rothman, Isla Shill and Stephen West

Panelists: Sarah Richmond and Megan Whyte

Moderators: Carolyn Emery and Ian Pike

Recorded June 4, 2022
Abstract Presentations: Prevention (Primary and Secondary)

Presenters: Isla Shill, Nina Pavlovic and Matthew Lassman

Recorded June 4, 2022
Keynote: Lessons Learned: Indigenous Community Partnerships, Unique Challenges, and Racism

Keynote speakers: Alison Macpherson and Rose-Alma McDonald

Recorded June 4, 2022
Keynote: It’s all in their heads: Psychological determinants of concussion recovery

Keynote speaker: Noah Silverberg

Recorded June 5, 2022

Symposium 2: Concussions and neurodegeneration: What can the biomarkers tell us?

Presenters: Michael Hutchison, Sandy Shultz and Carmela Tartaglia

Panelists: Leo Ezerins and Taylor Snowden

Moderator: Anne Wheeler

Recorded June 5, 2022
Abstract Presentations: Detection/Diagnosis

Presenters: Linden Penner, Lisa Gazdzinski, and Eman Nishat

Recorded June 5, 2022
An introduction to academia-industry partnerships

David Granville and Cheryl Wellington

Panelists: Mehwish Anwer, Joel Burma, Will Panenka, Nick Reed, Lauren Sergio, and Carmela Tartaglia

Recorded June 5, 2022
Forging a new path – Novel strategies to optimize detection and management of concussion – addressing barriers and facilitating optimization of care

Presenters: Pierre Frémont and Kathryn Schneider

Recorded June 5, 2022
Symposium 3: Hidden, Neglected and Ignored: A Roundtable Discussion on Intimate Partner Violence Brain Injury in Canada

Presenters: Carrie Esopenko, Lin Haag, Deirdre Reddick, Danielle Toccalino and Paul van Donkelaar

Panelists: Michael Ellis, Judy Gargaro, Kelly Russell and Carmela Tartaglia

Moderators: Angela Colantonio and Carrie Esopenko

Recorded June 5, 2022
Abstract Presentations: Treatment

Presenters: Jennifer Dawson, Pierre Langevin and Mathilde Rioux

Recorded June 6, 2022
Panel: How does evidence inform change? Policy, regulations, and legislation – who needs to know?

Speakers: Stephanie Cowle, Pamela Fuselli, Ash Kolstad and Charles Tator

Moderator: Alison Macpherson

Recorded June 6, 2022

2021 Annual Meeting, January 22, 25 and 26, Virtual

Welcome and Introduction to the Network
Prevention: Speaker Session

Presenters: Brent Hagel and Pamela Fuselli

Moderators: Carolyn Emery and Ian Pike

Dr. Brent Hagel

Sport and Recreation Concussion Prevention in Children and Adolescents

Ms. Pamela Fuselli

Engaging Stakeholders with Effective Knowledge Translation Strategies Related to Concussion Prevention Across the Lifespan

Abstract Presentation: Prevention

Presenter: Paul Eliason

Moderators: Carolyn Emery and Ian Pike

Paul Eliason

Rates of Concussion Associated with Body Checking Experience Among 13 to 14-year-old Ice Hockey Players

Panel and Q&A Session

Panelists: Kathy Belton, Christopher Dennison, Pamela Fuselli, Brent Hagel, Ash Kolstad

Moderators: Carolyn Emery and Ian Pike

Keynote Speaker Address

Keynote speaker: Jocelyn East

Detection & Diagnosis: Speaker Session

Speakers: Pierre Frémont, William Panenka and Dougla Fraser

Moderators: Cheryl Wellington and Keith Yeates

Dr. Pierre Frémont

Improving Detection, Initial Diagnosis and Diagnosis of “Recovery” for the Management of Youth Sport-Related Concussions

Dr. William Panenka

Characterization of Incidence and Outcomes of TBI in a Vulnerable Housed Cohort

Dr. Douglas Fraser

Concussion Biomarker Discovery: From Metabolome to Proteome

Detection & Diagnosis: Abstract Presentations

Presenters: Ayushi Shukla and Paul Comper

Moderators: Cheryl Wellington and Keith Yeates

Ayushi Shukla

Brain white matter after pediatric mild traumatic brain injury: A diffusion tensor and neurite orientation and dispersion imaging study

Dr. Paul Comper

The Toronto Concussion Study: Injury and Recovery Characteristics and Prognostic Indicators in a Naturalistic Cohort of Adults with Acute Concussion

Prognosis and Modifiers: Speaker Session

Presenters: Miriam Beauchamp, Paul Van Donkelaar and Andrée-Anne Ledoux

Moderators: Anne Wheeler and Roger Zemek

Dr. Miriam Beauchamp

Predicting Outcome after Preschool Concussion: The Role of Parents

Dr. Paul Van Donkelaar

Brain Injury in People Experiencing Marginalization

Dr. Andrée-Anne Ledoux

Girls vs. Concussion Recovery

Prognosis and Modifiers: Abstract Presentation

Presenter: Elizabeth Teel

Moderators: Anne Wheeler and Roger Zemek

Elizabeth Teel

Pediatric Cognitive and Balance Performance at 4-Weeks Post-Concussion Does Not Differ by 5P Risk Classification

Prognosis and Modifiers: Discussion Panel

Panelists: Miriam Beauchamp, Debra Gassewitz, Andrée-Anne Ledoux, Ashleigh Kennedy and Paul Van Donkelaar

Moderators: Anne Wheeler and Roger Zemek

Treatment: Speaker Session

Presenters: Pierre Langevin and Noah Silverberg

Moderators: Isabelle Gagnon and Kathryn Schneider

Pierre Langevin

Exercise as an Intervention for Concussion

Noah Silverberg

Precision Rehabilitation for Concussion: Matching Patients to Treatments

Treatment: Abstract Presentations

Presenters: Kylie Mallory and Marquise Bonn

Moderators: Isabelle Gagnon and Kathryn Schneider

Kylie Mallory

Exploring the Intended Behaviours of Youth towards Providing Social Support to a Peer with a Concussion

Marquise Bonn

Interdisciplinary outpatient rehabilitation improves goal satisfaction and performance for adults with an mTBI

Treatment: Discussion Panel

Panelists: Angela Colantonio, Pierre Langevin, Noah Silverberg, Judy Gargaro and Laura Purcell

Moderators: Isabelle Gagnon and Kathryn Schneider

Closing Comments and Priority Setting Partnership

Keith Yeates

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