The Canadian Concussion Network is promoting innovative and collaborative research across Canada to answer the concussion challenge.


Established in 2020, the Canadian Concussion Network/Réseau Canadien des Commotions (CCN-RCC) has a vision to establish and guide a coordinated national research and knowledge translation agenda. This agenda aims to reduce the risk of concussions and their consequences across four broad domains: prevention, detection/diagnosis, prognosis/modifiers, and treatment.

CCN-RCC 4th Annual Meeting

The 4th CCN-RCC Annual Meeting will take place May 9-10, 2024 in Ottawa, Ontario. Our conference aims to bring together leading clinicians, researchers and community members to exchange ideas and share their experiences and new avenues in prevention, detection/diagnosis, prediction of recovery, and management/treatment of concussion.

Concussion Priority Setting Partnership

Priority Setting Partnership

Established in 2020, the James Lind Alliance Canadian Concussion Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) brings together patients, caregivers, and clinicians to identify the top ten unanswered questions in concussion. People across Canada with either lived experience with concussion or clinical experience with concussion shared their thoughts and ideas, to help shape the future of concussion research.

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