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Research Methods and Platforms Committee

The CCN-RCC Research Methods and Platforms Committee will seek to align individual research projects with shared resources including common data elements, integrated informatics and shared study populations to promote innovative solutions that can be moved rapidly to point-of-care.


Our approach

The Research Methods and Platforms Committee will work to identify and address national concussion research priorities, enhance common data elements, establish communication and connections between investigators with a commitment to open science principles, and the perspectives of patients, knowledge users, and other stakeholders.

Our expertise

Our committee will seek to integrate domains of expertise and will include representation from:

  • Methods/data science/informatics
  • Clinical phenotyping
  • Biomarkers/biospecimens
  • Health policy/health economics
  • Engineering/technology transfer
  • Knowledge synthesis/knowledge mobilization
  • Epidemiology/prevention

Our activities

The Research Methods and Platforms Committee with enhance research capacity by enabling investigators to access information and knowledge on cross-cutting resources and partnerships. In collaboration with other pillars (education, iKT), our committee will guide and advance innovative research through knowledge-sharing, resource catalogs, and facilitation of best-practice methods and platforms.

  • 8Canada Research Chairs in Concussion
  • 4Canadian institutions rank in the top 15 worldwide in total publications and citations related to concussion research
  • 320Number of registered clinical studies on TBI (2000-2019)

Visiting Trainee Program

The CCN-RCC Visiting Trainee Program provides support for trainees to engage in research training at a Canadian institution that is not available at their home institution. Application to the program is open to trainees and host supervisors who are members of the CCN-RCC.

Member project database for past and current/emerging concussion research projects

The CCN-RCC will promote synergy between individual research projects and findings, reduce misalignment and duplication effort in national concussion research projects, and foster integration of cutting-edge research methods to create robust, competitive, multidisciplinary research projects


Searchable expertise database

The CCN-RCC will establish a self-identified expert database for investigators, trainees and stakeholders to reflect the current pools of expertise in concussion research across Canada. We will work to optimize and broker connections and skill-sharing opportunities between emerging projects and experts, promote collaboration and connections across disciplines to increase knowledge synthesis and enhance understanding of the Canadian concussion research landscape.

National peer support and mentorship program

The CCN-RCC will design and launch a peer support and mentorship program to establish interdisciplinary data resource sharing to increase collaboration and accelerate bench-to-bedside-to-backyard translation of research findings.

Members will be supported in their research by:

  • Identification of high-priority goals for obtaining research funding
  • Identification and assistance with barriers to accessing research resources and expertise
  • Optimization of investigator participation in network activities and skill exchange

In collaboration with the Training and Career Development Committee, the Research Methods and Platforms Committee will develop practical, educational resources for building capacity, HQP, and provide trainees and new investigators with access to new technologies, innovation and partnerships.

Research Methods and Platforms Leads

Noah Silverberg

Chair, Research Methods and Platforms Committee

Administrative Contact

Lisa Marie Langevin,

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