Knowledge Translation

Our approach

The CCN-RCC will seek to mobilize research on prevention, detection/diagnosis, recovery and treatment of concussion by educating patients and the public, translating research into more effective practices and policies, and fostering technological innovations with commercial promise. Guided by the Knowledge-to-Action Framework, the CCN-RCC’s KT efforts have the goals to accelerate the movement of evidence into action, reduce duplication, foster new connections between sectors, increase collaboration, and identify key areas for action and funding.

Our commitment to knowledge translation

Integrated knowledge translation

The CCN-RCC will support the integration of knowledge translation into research by members through knowledge brokers and stakeholder participation. We will promote continuous integrated KT by involving researchers, trainees, patients, and stakeholders in building awareness, sharing knowledge, and promoting technology transfer.

Knowledge synthesis

The CCN-RCC will identify critical knowledge gaps, including under-studied aspects of concussion. We will work with experienced content experts on knowledge synthesis activities and provide education to trainees in knowledge synthesis methods.


The CCN-RCC will co-design strategies with our stakeholders and leverage existing products and tools to increase awareness and knowledge. We will support scientific dissemination by our member researchers through traditional academic outlets (e.g., peer-reviewed journal publications and conferences) and CCN-RCC communication platforms (e.g., website, social media).

Knowledge exchange and implementation

The CCN-RCC will prioritize knowledge exchange and implementation activities that advance translation-ready research into real world practice and policy changes. Implementation will be designed, executed, and evaluated in close partnership with stakeholders, and using existing systems and infrastructure to maximize sustainability.

Commercialization and technology transfer

The CCN-RCC will provide exciting new opportunities for our researchers to develop or test new technologies and therapeutics, in concert with our industrial partners. Through research partnerships, the CCN will support the commercialization of additional innovative technologies aimed at concussion prevention, detection, and treatment.

Knowledge translation leads

Pamela Fuselli

Co-chair, Integrated Knowledge Translation & Stakeholder Engagement Committee

Kathryn Schneider

Co-chair, Integrated Knowledge Translation & Stakeholder Engagement Committee

Stephanie Cowle

Network Coordinator, Knowledge Translation

Technology Transfer and Commercialization Lead

Cheryl Wellington

Co-Chair, Technology Transfer and Commercialization

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