CIHR-IMHA Inlusive Research Excellence Prizes

Funding Information

The CIHR-IMHA Inclusive Research Excellence prizes are designed to recognize exemplary completed research projects under the broad IMHA mandate areas in six (6) cross-cutting research domains.

Prizes will be awarded for completed research projects in the following six domains.

  • Indigenous Health Research Prizes
  • Open Science Prizes
  • Research Impact Prizes
  • Team Science Prizes
  • Patient Engagement Prizes
  • Implementation Science Prizes

The total amount available for this funding opportunity is $900,000 enough to fund approximately thirty-six (36) grants in form of prizes in FY 2023-24. The prizes have a value of $25,000. The funding provided through this FO is a one-time, non-renewable prize. 

Registration deadline: January 25, 2024

Application deadline: February 22, 2024