21April 2023

10th Annual Conussion Research Symposium

BMO Education and Conference Centre, Toronto, ON



The Canadian Concussion Centre, headquartered at Toronto Western Hospital, is holding its 10th Annual Concussion Research Symposium entitled “Update on Research and Care for the Concussion Spectrum of Disorders” on April 21, 2023.

This year conference themes are:

1.       Prevention of Concussions and its Consequences (Persisting Concussion Symptoms and CTE)

2.       Detection of Concussions and Prediction of Outcomes (Biomarkers)

Research topics for presentation include clinical or experimental projects on Mechanisms of Concussion (e.g. Sports and Recreation, Motor Vehicle Crashes, Falls in elderly, Work-Related Injury, Intimate Partner Violence), Biomarkers, Concussion Policy, Effect of Concussions in Family, Friends, and Caregivers.

The associated Public Forum entitled “Concussions and their Effects on Caregivers, Family, Friends and Colleagues” is on April 20.

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