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Kaileigh Wicha


Kaileigh Wicha is the founder of Worthy Knowledge, a wellness brand specializing in empowering individuals through innovative solutions. With a background in 6+ years of global supply chain management within Fortune 500 companies, Kaileigh brings a deep understanding of operational efficiency and strategic planning to her entrepreneurial journey. Her experience in optimizing supply chains and driving logistics on a global scale has equipped her with valuable skills in problem-solving and resource management.

Additionally, Kaileigh has a media background, having worked for brands like the NHL, where she gained insights into branding, marketing, and partnership development. This diverse expertise allows her to bridge the gap between business strategy and customer engagement, ensuring that Worthy Knowledge delivers impactful solutions tailored to the needs of its audience.

Kaileigh’s personal connection to concussions after a car accident fuels her passion for creating a flagship product centred on concussion recovery, drawing from both her professional experience and a deep understanding of the challenges individuals face during recovery.